This tool category represents development tools used to create and work with cognitive software (Ai). We issue ratings based on reasoning capabilities, development workflow, and encoding process to provide insight into capability, agility, cost and future strategies.​

The workflows from this company represent the most complete we have reviewed.  The company maintains four tools used to quickly extract, model, encode, and execute stronger Ai. Numerous commercial use cases have been discovered.

With offices in the UK and Ireland, this tool set including their Flex environment is extremely powerful and although they do not have a cognitive engine, teams will have everything they need to create and maintain cognitive software. 

This graphing and modeling tool was built cloud native and contains the modeling specification editing capability to act as your first tool where analysts and experts engineer deep descriptions of systems behaviors ready for export. 

This tool is focused on ontology graphs and as such is a great component in a larger cognitive software development workflow. It is open source.