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only engineering innovations.

Agriculture Decision Support System [AgDSS™]

AgDSS™ by CogSoft® is a newly developed concept based on an industry competitive analysis. Farming decision systems can democratize knowledge, teach, and provide enhanced plans for more successful outcomes. AgDSS™ cloud platform helps small farmers stay ahead of not only crop development but activities that synchronize with economic cycles (supply, demand, price elasticity, or logistics). AgDSS™ by CogSoft® provides deep visibility into numerous disparate data and imagery to analyze an easy to understand “health” recommendation with real-time 2D graphic overlays embedded into any tablet display. This project is seeking ag partners.  

Space Asset Monitoring & Intelligence [SAMI™]

SAMI™ by CogSoft® is a space intelligence tool designed to help ground based teams monitor, track, and analyze space events. Our systems have been proven in the most extreme environments, lets take it to space. Highly structured software allows algorithms to make changes (correct errors) to itself or troubleshoot conflicts such as radio frequency, re-entry or entry protocols, planned orbital changes, small object emergency collision avoidance, ground based data collection efforts, and other high interest space events. SAMI™ augments commercial command and control (C2) teams to provide continuous problem hunting and solution matching on board or “in-the-network”.  This project is seeking commercial space industry partners.

Augmented Network Intelligent Travel Associate [ANITA™]

ANITA™ by CogSoft® is a cognitive inspired platform providing network integration between disparate travel systems controlled by consumers. She is a hybrid between a virtual assistant and a chat bot containing the knowledge and reasoning capability of a travel agent. ANITA™ by CogSoft® was first conceptualized more than 20 years ago by a famous European leisure travel executive. The technology now exists to make his vision a reality. ANITA™ is based on highly structured multi-graph knowledge containing the tasks needed to manage a GDS chain code. This is referred to as an Associate System.  Contact us to learn more. 

Patient Intelligence Platform [PiP]

PiP by CogSoft® is a new business-oriented cognitive inspired platform that connects complex real-time information streams (EMR) between care givers both in-home (remote) or in-facility (clinic). Our systems approach continuously hunts for patient records, analyzes those records, and weighs evidence against a variety of provider and business goals to recommend a care path (plan-of-action) most effective for patient outcomes while monitoring financials. PiP is completely auditable and trustworthy with no black box systems. Your systems can now communicate with new capabilities in support of clinician and practitioner goals.  Contact us to learn more.

Athlete Intelligence & Management System [AIMS™]

AIMS™ by CogSoft®  is an intelligent technology that sits on top of a (or multiple) athlete data management system(s). AIMS™ monitors thousands of athletes and creates individualized training plans for every athlete, updated every day or every hour. The system is designed for sporting organizations such as, national governing bodies, leagues, or large programs. AIMS™ is created for sports medicine, certified coaches [NSCA] and certified athletic trainers [NATA] to reduce data handling, analysis time, and plan creation; while increasing athlete and staff interaction. All plans proposed are backed by peer reviewed literature and evidence based research. Let AIMS™ by CogSoft® help you find more time with athletes in the gym or on the field. Contact us to learn more.   

CogSoft® Services provide bespoke turnkey proposals for our customers to help them build a shared vision with stakeholders and shareholders directly out-of-the-box. This is important because, valuable systems require customization. By providing a nearly complete transformation vision with a road-map describing tools, talent, timelines, and budgets; we simply move faster. Plug into our alliance of engineering tools and teams who deliver on their decades of expertise. Contact us to learn more…