The Company

CogSoft™was formed to help customers and partners organize high value projects consisting of outstanding commercial ready tools, amazing software engineers, and talented project delivery. 

We built our company to help enterprise teams apply artificial intelligence techniques to difficult challenges. Your industry must lead efforts for explainable, auditable, and traceable results for a level of trust that satisfies ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns. Cognitive software formed from explicitly engineered models and graphs is transparent and explainable. 

Additionally, we work closely with our customers and tool partners to customize tools for a specific industry requirement. There is no single development environment to accomplish industry leading cognitive software applications, let us help your team prepare and execute the best artificial intelligence techniques. 

The CogSoft™ library consists of use case reports, tool reviews and ranking, project profiles, team skill requirements, redacted proposals, technical white papers and more.   

Our innovation network for executives who desire access to our private library resources used for planning. 

Our human-centered services and consulting works to bring platforms and products to life. 


CogSoft™ accomplishes data-oriented solutions where customers seek advanced search, co-occurrence analysis, accurate pattern matching, and event probabilities. However, we also extract information from text sources using foundations of language processing and create text from data.
Our team also engineers behavioral-oriented concepts to conduct deep analysis for things like, patient outcomes, consumer habits, corporate intelligence, strategic planning, or real-time political or audience discovery. 
Applying artificial intelligence techniques results in cognitive inspired software delivered as a platform service (SaaS) or middleware application. Contact us to learn more about how we elevate business productivity.