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The Alliance

CogSoft™ Alliance is an invite-only commercial resource for the worlds most exciting artificial intelligence companies and practitioners. Our members share information to further develop business nomenclature and customer discovery inspired by human (natural) intelligence. 

Our alliance members have access to resources for deal-flow support or active project teaming. Essentially, we maintain deep insights into tool differences and team capabilities that impact success.

“We know more than the world’s largest consulting firms about what business teams must do to begin a disruptive and powerful journey into software that mimics human thinking, which promises to usher in a brave new world as the ‘brains’ for robots” – Founder, David Geddes

Gold Level III

Bronze Level I

The Council

CogSoft™ Council is an exclusive invite-only industry network for enterprise artificial intelligence (Ai) leaders. The council monitors, reviews, and collaborates to influence how industries responsibly adopt reasoning solutions, platform services, and development tools.  

The Council’s message brings the future technological promise of an approaching software revolution into present day reality – its is not science fiction. Cognitive software is the byproduct of the discipline referred to as ‘artificial intelligence’. Ai is merely clever software that can mimic functional aspects of the brain, much like humans, in an attempt to understand our world well enough to achieve radical advances in complex business applications or social interaction.